Alice & Craig – Cork’s Cottage Gawler

Online dating seems to be the new thing, but I’m sure many have wondered if it would really make their dreams come true.  For Alice & Craig it was the ultimate love story, they met online and hit it off chatting long distance immediately.  Alice is Korean yet lives in Adelaide, interestingly Craig who is from Adelaide ended up travelling in Korea in the time they were communicating online.  Whilst in Korea Alice asked him to bring  back her favourite cosmetic, an eye liner from a particular little Korean shop.  His friends, which included his best man Sandy were travelling with Craig and teased him mercilessly about purchasing it  having never even met her yet.  He brought it home and gave it to Alice for her birthday at Victor Harbour on their second date… according to Sandy in his speech at their wedding, it was when Alice met Craig for a Starwars movie wearing a Starwars hairband with a big bow on it that Craig, a Sci Fi enthusiast totally fell for the charming Alice.  Three years later their dream has come true and they were married at the adorable Cork’s Cottage at Gawler.







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2 thoughts on “Alice & Craig – Cork’s Cottage Gawler

  1. The day went so quick to remember every details, but I am really glad that I had Kashan as my photographer as they captured every single moment that I can remember forever. Love the colours of the pictures and admire the quality of the photographs!!

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