Ian & Amanda – Adelaide Botanical Gardens Summer House

Amanda phoned me from WA to discuss wedding photography so the first time we met was the Tuesday before her wedding; Amanda was off to visit her mother and with our property on the way she came by with her dress, flowers & other details for us to capture before her special day.  Since having Shan’s wedding on our property our garden has flourished so it made for a good backdrop for all her finery.

The delightful thing about such a small wedding is being so much more casual, we met at the Summer House an hour or so before the ceremony to meander leisurely amongst the stunning Botanical Gardens looking for just the right spots to capture the love Ian & Amanda share.   With perfect weather, plenty of shade and gorgeous sunlight we never tired of wandering, even managing a ‘Beatles’ shot at one of the crossings!

Off to the Summer House again where Ian & Amanda shared a ‘Love-lock ceremony’. Vows were made as usual, then a lock with each of the names engraved were locked forever together, keys were then tied to white helium balloons and let go to drift off in the gardens till they caught high in a tree.  Amanda was stunning in her delicately beaded, grey blue dress with soft tulle gathering in soft waves before trailing in a beautiful train.  Recently reading a book by Emerson Eggerichs, I could see this incredible couple before me showing his two key principles of an impressive marriage;  ‘Love & Respect’. We wish you all the best for your future.

With the ceremony over, family photos were taken and the Reception was in full swing.  Staying just long enough for the cake to be cut and some of the details captured, Kashan Photography left to sail off to Kangaroo Island for the long weekend enjoying the rest of the balmy pleasant October long weekend.


Photographer: Kashan Photography – Celebrant: Donna Proleta – Dress: Marikos Boutique & accessories in South Perth – Flowers: Alchemy Floral Designs – Cake: The Sweet Tooth Factory;

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