Secrets! Baby Reveal

When Bonnie phoned me to discuss how she wanted to have a baby reveal session, I was over the moon. Who doesn’t love a good surprise! We needed to organise it urgently as Bonnie herself was busting to let out the good news to Ben of their little miracle baby…. so as quickly as we could we scheduled a visit to Totness National Park, it was perfect. Ben thought that they’d been given a photoshoot session for free from friends who ‘apparently’ won one! He had no idea that he was in for the surprise of his life.  We relaxed by taking a few shots here and there, then I suggested we do a little blackboard fun that Bonnie had thought of. The idea was to share with each other three things you loved about them! Sshhhh!!! While Ben struggled with thinking of things on the spot, Bonnie knew exactly what she was sharing! The best thing about surprises like this is watching the range of emotions coming through, I feel so honoured to have been asked to share such an intimate moment, thank you Bonnie.  The completion of this delight is that Bonnie has now sent us adorable 4D pics of this beautiful little miracle and they now only have 12 weeks of waiting…..   For even more pics of Ben’s complete surprise have a look at our facebook page 🙂

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